B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)

“The BA degree program in theatre requires 38 credit hours in theatre, 3 in dance, and 6 in dramatic literature outside the department. It is a broadly based program of theatre practice and study for the student who may wish to pursue in-depth studies in another area as well. It also serves as the core of studies for a student who wishes to pursue further theatre training in one of the BFA areas of concentration. A grade of C- or better is needed in each required course toward the BA degree.”

In addition to your University core requirements, you must complete the following courses in order to graduate with a B.A. in Theatre:

THTR 1011 Development of Theatre 1 (3 credits)

THTR 1019 Theatre Foundations (3 credits)

THTR 1105 Stage Technologies (3 credits)

THTR 1115 Costume Technologies (3 credits)

THTR 2003 Acting 1 -OR- THTR 2043 Voice for the Stage [But you can take both if you want!] (3 credits each)

THTR 2021 Development of Theatre 2 (3 credits)

THTR 3035 Production Practicum (5 credits required; 1 credit per practicum)**

THTR 4021 Development of Theatre 4 (4 credits)

THEATRE ELECTIVES: 4 classes required, 3 must be upper division(3000 level or higher.

DANCE ELECTIVES: 3 credits, most dance classes are 1 credit.

DRAMATIC LIT. ELECTIVES: outside the Department of Theatre and Dance, including at least 1 upper-division course (6 credits required)

**Practicum = Receiving credit for being involved in a show. 5 Practicums required for 5 credits; 1 credit of Acting. 1 Credit of Run Crew. 1 credit for Electrics and Scenery (Electrics and Scenery must be taken during the day in TECH STUDIO), and 1 for costuming.

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